Produced, Directed, Scripted & Voiced - Lakeshore Cancer Centre Lagos

Produced, Scripted, Directed & Voiced this public service announcement along with my crew.

Lakeshore Advert from Fola Aiyegbusi on Vimeo.

Cut & Edited - Taxi Driver (Oko Ashewo) Official Trailer for FilmOne Production

Taxi Driver is a film centred on working in Lagos at night, as a taxi Driver. It narrates the story of Adigun (Femi Jacobs), a 31-year-old naive village mechanic who comes to Lagos for the first time after the sudden death of his estranged father, who was a taxi driver. Taiwo (Odunlade Adekola), his father’s fellow taxi driver helps Adigun to navigate the Lagos and get accustomed to the streets. Adigun has to cope with dealing with the odd people he comes across working at night; from Delia (Grace Ijeoma Agu), a prostitute, to Kakanfo (Hafeez Oyetoro), the unseen vigilante, and to the notorious assassins called "three wise men".

TV Production Showreel (2014-2015)

Showreel from Fola Aiyegbusi on Vimeo.

Produced, Directed, Scripted & Voiced - The Filmhouse Show for Filmhouse Cinema

The Filmhouse Show is a half hour factual entertainment television show celebrating the cinema movie watching experience as well as all things movies. 
Filmed at filmhouse cinemas across Nigeria weekly, the tv show caters to a wide demographic of cinema going movie lovers ranging from 15 to 45 in age. 
Segments within the show include but are not limited to exclusive behind the scene footage of top films from around the world including Nigeria films, fan zone which caters to movie fans, movie reviews of films currently showing in cinemas, meet the stars which caters to movie celebrity culture and the stars themselves. movie gossip news and much much more. 

Created & Produced - Cooking Show 'Taste Buds' for R2TV

This show is about revolutionising our approach to cooking. We are promoting the new era of cooking shows and whilst we as Nigerians love our traditional meals, this show is created to bring the excitement back into the kitchen. It sets about broadening our recipe ideas and adding twists to our already well-known recipes.

Created, Produced & Presented - R2Buzz for R2TV

R2Buzz is the ultimate home grown music video chart show decided by the viewer’s only. Weekly votes are collated to create the Weekly Buzz top 10 videos for that week, it’s an interactive type show were viewers comments are also show or read before the video commenting on why they like the video. There is also the underground buzz segment were we bring in an upcoming artist who gets a quick interview and a music video premier, they video also has the chance to match up with the top stars on the weekly buzz if the viewer’s rate it HOT or NOT. Finally the last segment Exclusive buzz premiers the latest video for that week that is then added to the Buzz chart.

Created & Produced Girls Talk Show - Girls Pod for R2TV

Girls Pod is a studio based entertainment program aimed at creating that relaxing hub for youths and young adults to lock into. It’s a light entertainment show based heavily on ‘gist’ and different topics ranging from lifestyle, relationships, social media, music industry or the entertainment industry in or outside of Nigeria. The main objective is to concentrate on topics that relate more to youth culture.The setting of the show will be heavily based on 3 female presenters with great chemistry. The Girls take on a topic of focus for each episode and share their opinions and views relating to that specific topic.

Key Segments:Gist FocusStreet Gist  Game ModeConfession CornerShout-outs & Prize Time